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Cashless Multi QR Payment Solution

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Our eWallet provider partners

Why Cashless QR Payment Solution

With the rise of a cashless nation, is your store ready?

  • Boost has 5.5 million registered users. 

  • Touch 'n Go eWallet just celebrated its 15 million registered users.  

  • WeChat claimed that there are 20 million WeChat users in Malaysia. 

  • Every 1 out of 2 smartphones in Malaysia is installed with Grab. 

  • Today, more than 11 million registered Maybank2u users in Malaysia. 

  • To date, there are already 37 non-bank e-money licenses being issued by Bank Negara Malaysia

Why peoples prefer eWallet payments? And why you need QR pay?

  • eWallet providers offer a lower transaction cost vs credit card now, usually 1.2% or below, with some introducing zero transaction fee to encourage merchant's adoption. 

  • Get eWallet provider FREE advertisement and market coverage. 

  • Increase more customer by offer more payment option and security. 

  • Real time connect to your  business & growing customer base with your offers or promotions by customizes own setting. 

  • Lower down labor cost and eliminate FAKE note. 

  • The lesser cash transaction, the lesser hassle in handling loose change, especially the coins. 

  • Simplified cash return process to customer, even midnight. 

  • 24/7 real time customer service and trekking.

Be the first to facilitate in this competitive market and capture a whole new generation of consumers. 


How Readech Multi QR Pay Solution improves your daily business

  • Able to accept multiple eWallet service provider's services in a single solution.

  • Improving your operations & sales. More payment methods equal more sales and more satisfied customers. The benefits of vending machine card readers are not limited to the consumers as operators gain more from Readech’s Multi QR Pay solution. Integrating remote management into your operations dramatically improves your productivity.

  • Save time. Spend less time with cash handling tasks like counting cash, going to the bank, and visiting locations unnecessarily.

  • Always be in the loop. Be informed of any operational issues going on with your machines with smart notifications, sent in real-time to your phone or email, so that you can attend to problems as they happen.

  • Business transparency. With Readech’s Multi QR Pay solution, operators gain a better understanding of their operations and overall business situation.

  • Consumer engagement tools. reach out to consumers to nurture loyalty and encourage repeat business.

Readech Multi QR Pay Terminal

Readech Direct QR Scan payment solution

readech Direct QR Scan ewallet payment system

Enjoy the convenience of Readech Multi QR Pay solution with Simple Steps. 

Readech Direct QR scan payment solution (for Self-laundry / Game arcade center)

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