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Who Are We 

Since the cashless transaction began decades ago, by the introduction of credit and debit cards. With the advent of smartphones, payment by mobile apps has also grown. With consumers embracing cashless payments for all their retail transactions, it makes sense for operators of unattended machines and services to offer cashless capability as well.


Recognizing the importance of cashless payments for unattended machines, we began our mission to help operators and facilities implement their solutions to provide convenience to consumers.

While incorporating this goal, Readech's co-founders, having come from both a retail world and technology background, quickly saw how unattended machines can be converted into 24/7 retail stores. This allows a real connection between consumer and operator, with enhanced consumer engagement tools and promotions.

What We Provide 

Readech's Multi QR Payment solution is helping write the cashless solution in many markets, serving operators of vending machines, car washes, self-laundry, kiosks, office coffee services, restrooms, kiddie, and amusement rides, photo booths, and other automated machines that want to implement cashless payments into their businesses.

  • Able to accept multiple eWallet service providers' services in a single device / QR code.

  • Improving your operations & sales. More payment methods equal more sales and more satisfied customers. The benefits of vending machine card readers are not limited to the consumers as operators gain more from Readech’s Multi QR Payment solution. Integrating remote management into your operations dramatically improves your productivity.

  • Save time. Spend less time with cash handling tasks like counting cash, going to the bank, and visiting locations unnecessarily.

  • Always be in the loop. Be informed of any operational issues going on with your machines with smart notifications, sent in real-time to your phone or email, so that you can attend to problems as they happen.

  • Business transparency. With Readech’s Multi QR Payment solution, operators gain a better understanding of their operations and overall business situation.

  • Consumer engagement tools. reach out to consumers to nurture loyalty and encourage repeat business.

Readech Multi QR Payment Solution

A system carefully design & engineered innovative improvised top-level technical assistance, turning major eWallet brands into real asset management.

Providing real-time valuable customers information, with consumption habits and time data.

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